Fall 2022 Summer Associate Hiring (Zoom Interviews)

Are you a “rising” 2L (about to enter your second year of full-time law studies at an ABA-accredited school)? Will you have completed two full years of law school by the Summer of 2022? Interested in practicing law in a private firm full-time in Honolulu after graduation? If so, please consider submitting an application for Damon Key’s Summer Associate Program.

If you would like to apply and schedule a Zoom interview, please send the following to mte@hawaiilawyer.com:

  1. A resume or CV (in pdf format)
  2. A brief one-page cover letter (also in pdf)
  3. An unofficial transcript

We encourage applicants from all ABA-accredited law schools who will be eligible to practice law as members of the Hawaii State Bar Association after graduation. We are also participating in the University of Hawaii Law School’s online “OCI” process as well, but if you are a student at UH and would prefer not to wait for that process to begin, please feel free to contact us directly as above.


  1. I have finished my second year of law school and am a “rising” 3L. Do you accept applications from such students? Not by this process, which is for our 2022 Summer Associate program. If you are searching for post-graduation employment, please visit our Careers page to find out how to apply.
  2. Should I submit a writing sample? No, not yet. We will ask successful candidates to provide a short writing sample at the next stage of the process.
  3. How long are these initial Zoom interviews? Usually somewhere between 15-30 minutes.
  4. What is the format of these initial interviews? The closest model is the typical initial on-campus interview for summer associate positions.
  5. Does Damon Key have any requirements (class rank, law review, etc.) for applicants? No hard rules. Generally, we are looking for summer associates who have exhibited a strong potential for success at our firm and in the practice of law. We appreciate candidates with strong academic and practical credentials. But we also recognize that due to many law schools not providing graded courses in the Spring 2022 semester, many students may not possess a detailed grading record.
  6. If you have other questions, just ask: mte@hawaiilawyer.com