Chris Kubota Featured in Hawaii Business Story “The Business of Love”

Damon Key partner Christine Kubota is featured in a story in the February 2010 Hawaii Business magazine, “The Business of Love.”

Here’s an excerpt:

More than 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce and Hawaii accounts for about 5,000 of those breakups every year. Of those who remain married, true love is not always the reason. That’s why relationship experts say it’s crucial to take time upfront to choose the right mate. Selecting a supportive partner who allows you to pursue your career and other goals could determine into which half of the nation’s couples you and your spouse fall.

The following pages describe how four successful couples met, fell in love and are making their lives – and romance – work, despite hectic schedules, demanding jobs and kids. A common thread: They’ve all mastered the power of negotiation.

The Attorney and Her House-husband

Christine Kubota says it was a long road to finding Mr. Right. When she hit her 30s and still hadn’t found “the one,” she decided to go to law school and focus on her career. She eventually met her future husband, Sadao Takahashi, through a mutual friend. They golfed on their first date and Kubota says that by the 19th puka, she was so hungry she devoured her entire entrée.

“(Sadao) is from Japan so I don’t think he had ever seen a woman eat like that,” Kubota says, laughing. “But for some reason, he said he was impressed because he knew I was a genuine person.” The couple met in November 1989, Takahashi proposed in February and they married a year-and-a-half later.

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