Damon Key Attorney Mark Murakami to Speak on Property Law and the PLDC at UH Law School

On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 from 7:15 – 8:309 p.m. in Classroom #2, the University of Hawaii Law School is sponsoring a talk about “The PLDC and Property Rights in Hawaii,” featuring Damon Key attorney Mark M. Murakami.

“PLDC” refers to the Public Land Development Corporation, a state agency created in 2011 to develop state-owned lands, primarily in concert with private entities. Since its formation, the PLDC has become highly controversial, and the Hawaii Senate recently voted to repeal it. The panel will discuss three issues: the different perspectives on the PLDC issue itself, how the controversy over the PLDC reflects the tensions underlying the property rights regime in Hawaii, and (in an unrelated but pressing subject for law students) the speakers’ views on how to thrive in law school and the legal job opportunities after graduation.

Joining Mark on the panel are Professor Shelley Saxer (Pepperdine); Marti Townsend, Executive Director of the Outdoor Circle; and Chris Lee, State House of Representatives member.

For more details on how to attend download the flyer.