Damon Key’s Gregory Kugle interviewed by KITV4: legal vacation rental owners claim discrimination for COVID-19 shut down

Owners of legal vacation rentals could level a $1 billion lawsuit against state and county governments, which have shut them out of the accommodation industry during the shutdown. “I think it is frustration and desperation, like everyone else who has lost their job. The bills don’t stop coming, mortgages still have to be paid, or rent is still due,” said Honolulu attorney Gregory Kugle. He represents a number of owners who feel they are being discriminated against during this pandemic, because other accommodations like hotels and motels have been allowed to stay in business. “We don’t think it is fair or legal for the government to pick favorites and determine which sectors survive and which don’t,” added Kugle.

src: https://www.kitv.com/story/42234469/vacation-rental-owners-claim-discrimination-threaten-lawsuit