Damon Key’s Loren Seehase talks to UH Law Students About Interview Skills

On February 1, 2016, Damon Key attorney Loren A. Seehase (along with Dean Ronette Kawakami and Dale Lee, Director of Professional Development & Externship Programs), presented to the first-year law students at the University of Hawaii the ins and outs of legal interviews.

The session consisted of an overview of the on-campus interview program. She also presented her list of interviewing rules, tips, and tricks, and explained the process and what to expect. She gave her tips on how to dress, present yourself, prepare your documents; what to expect at each stage; types of interviewers; types of questions that will be asked and how to prepare for them; acceptable questions to ask the interviewer and questions that should not be asked; rules of things not to do; stressed honesty; encouraged showing your personality; explained how to craft answers to the difficult questions; explained what characteristics firms are looking for; discussed qualifications that are beneficial to have; stressed the importance of selling your qualifications; and stressed the importance of assessing the compatibility of the firm to the interviewee.