Doug Smith Named 2009 Elsine Katz Volunteer Leader of the Year

In the picture: Ray Bishop, Chairman of the Board, Goodwill Industries International; Doug Smith; Laura Robertson, President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of Hawaii

Doug Smith, a director and head of Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert’s Estate Planning practice, has been named the 2009 Elsine Katz Volunteer Leader of the Year by Goodwill Industries.

For 13 years Smith worked tirelessly to advance Goodwill Industries’ mission statewide. In particular, he is credited with leading the organization through a two-year $11 million capital campaign to secure five acres of land and build the Ohana Career and Learning Center to serve Leeward Oahu residents. His leadership also helped establish a first-of-its-kind NISH contract providing housing management services for the Army.

Through Smith’s tenure with Goodwill in Hawaii, the organization has grown in vision and scope. Revenues increased by 24 percent, the number of people served by nearly 33 percent, and the number of people placed through Goodwill’s services has nearly doubled. Smith continues to lead the board’s planning for expansion on other islands.

The annual award recognizes an outstanding volunteer leader who strengthens Goodwill programs and helps further the mission of the organization, and who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities.

Smith has worked as a local volunteer board member since 1995, serving in many roles over the years. He joined the executive committee early on and has remained ever since, serving as Goodwill’s chairman of the board from July 2004-June 2007 and as chairman of the board for Goodwill Contract Services of Hawaii, a separate non-profit entity.

Smith accepted the prestigious award at the Goodwill Industries Delegate Assembly in June in Indianapolis.