Mark Murakami in Star-Advertiser on Honolulu Rail

Damon Key’s Mark M. Murakami was quoted in the December 15, 2017 issue of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser in the story “As rail heads downtown, land deals get tougher.”

“Sixteen of the 26 parcels are owned by Ward Village developer Howard Hughes Corp., which is opposed to the eminent domain action. HART has offered the Hughes Corp. $10 million for easements on the 16 parcels.

That offer is more than two years old and based on an appraisal that’s nearly three years old, said Mark Murakami, attorney for Hughes Corp. “We’re entitled to be compensated for the value of what’s being taken,” Murakami said.”

. . . .

When asked by HART board member Shinn if Hughes Corp. objects to any particular lands being sought for acquisition, Murakami, the Hughes Corp. attorney, said, “I think my client opposes all of these.”

“An easement taking on all of these parcels (does) lower the value,” he said. “Are there workarounds? Sure. Are there trade-offs? Sure. But these plans have changed dynamically several times and we have big buildings going up, and operating shopping centers with impacts.”