Honors & Accolades

Since 1963, our attorneys at Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert have been recognized for many achievements and awards. Year after year, our attorneys receive nominations for Best Lawyers in America by their peers for their exemplary work. Other such awards are Super Lawyers and Best Law Firm by U.S. News & World Report.

Receiving awards isn’t our primary goal, but a natural consequence of doing excellent work. Our lawyers are respected advocates in and outside of the courtroom, as well as published authors and speakers who are dedicated to the advancement of the law. Individually and collectively, we have received the recognition of peers, the bench, our clients and the communities in which we live.


Our attorneys have decades of experience representing clients in state and federal courts. We have argued and won cases in all Hawaii circuits, the Intermediate Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Hawaii. We have prevailed in the federal trial and appellate courts, including landmark victories in the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court and special jurisdiction courts, such as the Court of Federal Claims and Bankruptcy Court.

Lawyers versed in appellate practice offer clients distinct advantages at all stages of litigation: they are experienced in overturning judgments when trials go wrong, and defending favorable trial court judgments. But appellate lawyers are also invaluable at critical stages of trial by advising trial counsel how to preserve the record and issues for appeal, and by writing and arguing summary judgment motions. Our clients include those who we represented at the trial stage of a case and those who seek out our counsel only after a case is headed to an appeals court